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There is no charge unless we save you money on most properties!

Risk Free Contingency Plans for:  
Commercial and Non-Homesteaded properties over $500,000.
City of Atlanta Residential properties over $500,000
Pay nothing up front.

Low Up-Front Fees for other properties.
Easy online signup in less than 3 minutes.
Values locked for three years**
Our clients save on average $9,951 over three years.

Are you going to wait and lose your right to appeal?

The Savings Are Real!

Property owners who appeal pay substantially less.

Ruth's home in Buckhead was reduced $684,600.   
In three years she will have saved $33,755.

Malik's property in Midtown was reduced $414,700.
His total savings are $20,445 over three years.

Lee in Ansley Park had his value reduced $1,436,000. He saved $70,803. 
That's $23,601 a year for three years.

Why choose to pay more than you rightfully owe?

Experience the Benefits!

More Than Just an Appeal

We value our clients and keeping open lines of communication.

Risk Free

1. No upfront fees

2. Pay only if we reduce your taxes

3. Values are locked for 3 years**

Assessment Monitoring

1. Notification of changes in assessment

2. Assessment analyzed yearly

3. Appeals filed when indicated

Quality Representation

1. Expert preparation of evidence

2. Compelling and persuasive presentations

3. Effective prosecution and negotiation

Consistent Communication

1. Regular updates provided

2. Available for phone calls

3. Prompt email response

We own nine properties in Georgia. We have been using Georgia Tax Appeals since 2008. Wow! I did this myself on ONE property and vowed never again. Ga Tax Appeals to the rescue! The process is painless -- We have saved MANY THOUSANDS of dollars...I can wholeheartedly endorse their services!

Matt A

I just got my tax appeal verdict and couldn't be happier with the service of Georgia Tax Appeals, LLC. They made it simple and easy to appeal our tax assessment. We got a reasonable reduction for a very small fee. I would recommend anyone questioning there assessment to consider them rather than going it alone. Extremely pleasant people to deal with.

Bob G

I had already made three attempts with Cherokee County to get our new home property tax assessment reduced. The first attempt got a small reduction for correction of a clear error. The next two attempts were based on the evaluation of neighboring property assessments, ultimately an analysis of the entire subdivision, and then a long talk with the county assessor. These efforts proved futile. Then I was scheduled to go before the board of equalization which seemed set up to be intimidating by design. I asked my realtor for suggestions and she said hire a professional appeals company. Her recommendation did not work in Cherokee County. He then recommended Georgia Tax Appeals. They stated that Cherokee County usually is on the money with their assessments and successful appeals are rare. But they agreed I had some legitimate points and we decided to move forward. Long story short, they did the research and worked directly with the county to get a reduction to within 6% of my probably optimistic original goal. Avoiding the need for them to go before the board of equalization in my behalf. And this is locked in for two years. Very well done!

Michael C

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Georgia Tax Appeals has a long history of achieving tax reductions for our clients in the Atlanta area. We aspire to obtain fair and equitable assessments for our clients.

Higher Interest Rates Impact Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Market Declines except for Retail

Over the last couple of years, the Atlanta commercial real estate market has seen a rapid rise in valuations. The assessors have been tasked with "getting the values up". Even though retail properties have seen their vacancies drop to a record low of 3.6%, with rents growing 5.7%, industrial properties seem to be slowing down. Atlanta industrial properties have seen seven straight quarters of rising vacancies. Industrial vacancies have gone from 3.9% to 6.1%. Office vacancies are forecast to go to a record 17% this year. Office rents are projected to decline by over 2% this year. Multi-family properties have seen their vacancy rates go from 6.1% in 2021 to 12.2%. Closed multi-family transactions in Atlanta have seen a 70% decrease from 2022. Elevated interest rates are behind the investment slowdown. With the market slowing overall, it is time the assessors give back some of the inflated assessments seen over the last few years.