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Brantley Homeowners Will Face a Property Tax Increase
Brantley Assessors Mail Change of Assessment Notices

Brantley Tax Assessor Don Johnson has just sent out Change of Assessment Notices to many residents of Brantley County.  Even if your returned value has decreased it is almost certain that your taxes will increase.  The state Homeowners Tax Relief Grant that funded a $20,000 tax credit on homestead properties will not be available. (Technically $8,000 of assessed value, but Georgia homes are valued at 40% of market value for tax purposes)

With a shortfall in State Revenues many Georgia Counties like Brantley are being forced to consider an increase in the millage rate essentially giving Brantley tax payers a second tax increase.  Around August 1st the Brantley Tax Commissioner Patricia Dowling Tompkins should be submitting the digest to the Georgia Department of Revenue.  Meanwhile, the time period for county residents to appeal their Change of Assessment notices is rapidly coming to an end.  The bottom line is….

If you don’t act, your property taxes are going up!

If you do not agree with your assessment, you have only 45 days to appeal. The clock is already ticking. You must act now to preserve your right to appeal. With property values declining and taxes increasing, you must file your appeal immediately to protect your rights. Contact us now at (770) 821-7856 and we will file an appeal on your behalf.

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